How to download facebook photo album

Friday, August 28, 2009

Facebook is a new craze all over the world. About 250 million people are connected with facebook and everyday about 120 million people login his or her facebook account.

Each month about 1 billion photos are uploaded in this site. I am sure you have a facebook account and everyday your facebook friends, attending Event members as well as Group members upload so many photos. But it’s so time consuming to check all photo albums especially who get limited internet service or slow net connection. You can download your friends’ facebook photo album, Event album and Group album through facebook photo downloader. You find a lot of software to download photo from facebook. My special choice to download facebook photo album is FacePAD. It is add-ons for Firefox. Mozilla Firefox user can easily add it to firefox and download his or her friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group albums.
How to install facePAD?
It is so easy to install facePAD. Click this link and you can see a page link that.
Click on Add to Firefox and then automatically install facePAD if you have firefox installed. After installing facePAD restart your firefox browser and download facebook photo album.
The user must first set their language preference. To do this, go to Tools > Add-ons > FacePAD Preferences/Options. Choose the language that your Facebook is set to. Currently, FacePAD supports English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and French (Canada). Other languages will be added soon.

Also make sure that Cookies are enabled and your Default Download Directory is set in Firefox's Options/Preferences.
You set your download directory to go Tools > Options > Main and set your download directory in Save files to.
How to download facebook photo albums?
To download photos from the a friend's album (NOT EVENTS OR GROUPS ALBUM), right-click (with your mouse) on the name/link of a facebook album and click the Download Album with FacePAD option. If you did this properly, a JavaScript pop-up will appear telling you that it has begun downloading the selected album. Press OK and the photos will be downloaded to Firefox’s default download directory.

To download an album from Events Album or Groups Album, the user must right-click on the See All link on the main page of the group or event of interest.


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