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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ADrive is an online file storage, sharing and backup service provider which offers complete and secure solutions to store, backup, share, access, and edit files from virtually anywhere, at any time. It lets you upload, organize and share (optional) up to 50 GB of data (music, video, photos, documents, etc.) in one place.

Basic Features-

  • Store, share and manage up to 50 GB of files online.
  • Organize files into folders and share folders with others.
  • No limitation on single file size (this is my assumption as there is no info that would suggest otherwise).
  • File Managing such as move files between folders, rename folders/files, delete files, etc.
  • Download stored files back to PC.
  • Use search tool.
  • Option to edit stored file.

Someone who wants some additional service such as file transfer protocol (FTP), file history recovery, SSL encryption, WebDAV, multiple concurrent sessions, no third party advertisement etc. can use premium account. Premium account offers you to choose of the size of premium plan: 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB or 1TB. If you are interested to get premium service you have to pay starting monthly @ $13.95 or annually @ $139.5. Different size premium size plan

ADrive's new Forum provides its users technical support and discussion about ADrive. ADrive Forum allows users to search, collaborate and learn from one another and its technical support team.

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