Download video from Youtube just press a single click

Monday, March 30, 2009

fast video download Add-ons

You can do it easily by using Firefox browser. But, to download youtube video, you have to install firefox add-ons. The process of install Add-ons-

  1. Tool>>Add-ons and click on Get Add-ons.
  2. Search fast video download.
  3. From the search result first search result add to firefox and install it.
  4. After install restart firefox browser.
Now when you load a youtube video, you can see right side's of process bar [Download this video] icon. Click the icon and save your favorite video.

Windows-key keyboard shortcuts

Sunday, March 29, 2009

  • WINKEY: Pressing the Windows key alone will open start.
  • WINKEY + F1: Opens the Microsoft Windows help and support center.
  • WINKEY + F3: Opens the Advanced find window in Microsoft Outlook.
  • WINKEY + D: Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows.
  • WINKEY + M: Minimizes all windows.
  • WINKEY + SHIFT + M: Undo the minimize done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D.
  • WINKEY + E: Open Microsoft Explorer.
  • WINKEY + Tab: Cycle through open programs through the taskbar.
  • WINKEY + F: Display the Windows search/ Find feature.
  • WINKEY + CTRL + F: Display the search for computers window.
  • WINKEY + F1: Display the Microsoft Windows help.
  • WINKEY + R: Open the run window.
  • WINKEY + Pause / Break key : Open the system properties window.
  • WINKEY + U: Open utility manager.
  • WINKEY + L: Lock the computer (Windows XP and above only).

Microsoft Windows shortcut keys

  • Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications.
  • Alt + Shift + Tab: Switch backwards between open applications.
  • Alt + double-click: Display the properties of the object you double click on. For example, doing this on a file would display its properties.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Switches between program groups or document windows in applications that support this feature.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Same as above but backwards.
  • Alt +Print Screen: Create a screen shot only for the program you are currently in.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del: Reboot the computer and/or bring up the Windows task manager.
  • Ctrl + Esc: Bring up the Windows start menu. In Windows 3.x this would bring up the Task Manager.
  • Alt + Esc: Switch Between open applications on taskbar.
  • F1: Activates help for current open application.
  • F2: Renames selected Icon.
  • F3: Starts find from desktop.
  • F4: Opens the drive selection when browsing.
  • F5: Refresh Contents.
  • F6: Move cursor to different Windows Explorer pane.
  • F10: Activates menu bar.
  • Shift + F10: Simulates right-click on selected item.
  • Alt + F4: Closes Current open program.
  • Ctrl + F4: Closes Window in Program.
  • Alt + Enter: Opens properties window of selected icon or program.
  • Shift + Del: Delete programs/files without throwing them into the recycle bin.
  • Holding Shift: Boot Safe Mode or by pass system files as the computer is booting.
  • Enter: Activates the highlighted program.

How to turn off Autorun feature

Saturday, March 28, 2009

When you connect your removable drive with your PC, all files are activated

and malware are automatically run attach with your removable drive’s files and attack your PC through Windows Autorun feature. To protect your PC from the malware attract, it is the best way to turn off the Autorun feature. To do this you have to follow some these simple step-

  1. Go to Start>Run and type gpedit.msc
  2. In the left panel, click User Configure>Administrative Templates and double click on System.
  3. Now you can see Turn off Autoplay in the right panel. Double click on Turn off Autoplay option, select Enable radio button.
  4. Below the radio button, Turn off Autoplay on: click on drop down option and select All drive
  5. Now press ok the Turn off Autoplay properties.

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