Bing: The Un-Google Search Engine

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Microsoft Corp. unveiled Bing, a new Decision Engine and consumer brand, designed to replace Live Search, providing customers with a first step in moving beyond search to help make faster, more informed decisions. It's a solid improvement over the previous search product and it carries forward the company's strategy for taking on Google and Yahoo. Besides introducing a new look to Microsoft's search interface, Bing adds a spruced-up navigation for search results, including a new left-hand navigation bar, a hover feature that lets users preview Web pages before visiting them, and a categorized search feature that groups search results by topic category.

According to Microsoft, Bing has the capability to scour the Web more deeply and to deliver more-relevant search results faster. Whereas Google emphasizes a stark, quick-loading design and a list of highly relevant search results, Bing's search results are organized into what it calls Search Categories -- subdivisions such as Web, Maps, Images, and Health. In a particular search, Bing creates Search Categories dynamically in response to the search query. Bing is less about repeat searches, which Weitz sees as the key feature of Googling, and more about finding the answer you're looking for the first time or helping you refine that search from the search results page. Microsoft will attempt to turn a good market position as a search engine product around in the coming weeks with a reported $100 million marketing campaign for Bing. Now question is Bing able to compete with Google? Is it able break Google monopoly search engine business? Take a tour and post your comment.


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