Use your Keyboard as mouse’s alternative

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday I had discovered that my PC mouse was not worked.  I did not become astonish. Cause I am familiar with this type situation. When I have to execute any important task, some unexpected problem is come about.  So when I had discovered that my PC mouse was died just then I followed a simple trick and managed my PC keyboard as mouse’s alternative.  This is very simple trick, press windows key and go to Control Panel>> Accessibility Options. Then press left arrow key and go to mouse Tab. Now press Tab key, when your selection point is on Use MouseKeys press spacebar key to select Use MouseKeys option and now press ENTER.  You successfully have done all tasks. To finish the end task press LeftCtrl + LeftAlt +NumLock and you will find a new cursor point on the screen. You use NumLock key 8, 4, 6, 2 to move the cursor point and 5 as to make selection.

If you face the reverse problem; means your PC keyboard is not worked, and then you can use your PC mouse as keyboard’s alternative. What you have to do? Nothing just Start>> All programs>> Accessories>> Accessibility and select On screen Keyboard. You type whatever  you want through mouse.

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