Check your downloaded file and make sure downloaded file is virus free !

Monday, July 27, 2009

Most of the time we download file from internet. But after downloading file, you discover that your file is virus affected, then what you can do. You time become waste. So before download a file make sure your downloaded file is virus free. offers you free service to check your downloaded file with 22 anti-virus to make your sure that your downloaded file is virus free. The process is very simple. Copy the web address from where you download file and submit this site address in . For example, you want to download a file from First go to and click Scan Web Address tab and now submit your download link in Web Address to Scan and after that click on the Submit Address.

If you want to scan file ( maximum 20 mb) which is in your PC, you click on the scan file tab and browse it from your PC and make command Submit File.


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