Linux shortcut keys

Saturday, September 5, 2009

CTRL + B : Moves the cursor backward one character.
CTRL + C : Cancels the currently running command.
CTRL + D : Logs out of the current session.
CTRL + F : Moves the cursor forward one character.
CTRL + H : Erase one character. Similar to pressing backspace.
CTRL + P : Paste previous line and/or lines.

CTRL + S : Stops all output on screen (XOFF).
CTRL + Q : Turns all output stopped on screen back on (XON).
CTRL + U : Erases the complete line.
CTRL + W: Deletes the last word typed in. For example, if you typed 'mv file1 file2' this shortcut would delete file2.
CTRL + Z : Cancels current operation, moves back a directory and/or takes the current operation and moves it to the background.


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