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Friday, April 23, 2010

What are you doing, when you have to share an Office document on the web? You will either upload it to a document sharing website (like SlideShare, Scribd or even Google Docs) or, if the content is private, you’ll probably send a copy of the document as an email attachment. Now there’s another neat alternative that you should explore.

Now you can discover, create, and share Microsoft Office documents with your Facebook friends. Microsoft has launched a new document sharing website – – that lets you both create and share Office documents in the browser. The service is powered by Office Web Apps and the Facebook Connect platform. Built on Microsoft Office 2010, the Docs app enables Facebook users for the first time to create and share Microsoft Office documents directly with their Facebook friends, using the Office tools.

With, you can not only upload Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to the web but it also adds a social layer around your documents.

Your Facebook friends can comment on your Office documents (see the next screenshot), they can view your documents in the browser (without requiring the Office software on their desktop) and there’s also an option for them to download your documents in the original formats.

There are proper privacy options in so you can keep your documents private (for personal consumption only), share them with select number friends or even make them public. Similarly, you can add your Facebook contacts as collaborators so that all of you can work on the same document in the browser.

As this service is in beta, some of the features (like uploading and commenting) aren’t working yet.

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