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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everyday our morning starts to sign in mail account. This is odd job to open internet browser, open mail access page, write down mail ID & password and then get the new messages in everyday. Oh! Its boring. I will tell you a shortcut trick to access your mail just pressing a single click. How? Let see-
1.       Create a shortcut 
2.       Copy the service code (which is given in the below) and paste it in the below in the box ‘Type the location of the item’
3.       Write down your mail ID where MYUSERNAME is written in the code and write down your mail password where MYPASSWORD is written in the code. 
4.       Click the next button and put down a desired name of your shortcut file
5.       Click Finish button to complete the task
But, Be Caution!
1.       The service is only available for yahoo. Sorry, I do not how to do it in others mail account
2.       By clicking your shortcut file anyone can access your mail and get your mail ID & password from the file’s properties. So, before creating this shortcut key, make sure none can access your PC or file. HOW??
3.       Create a new user account or hide your shortcut file. Before hiding your shortcut file, create a shortcut key for shortcut file. 
How to create a shortcut key
Very simple. Press right button of the mouse and click on the properties. Now set your shortcut key in Shortcut box. For example- you want your shortcut key will be Ctrl+1. Putting down your cursor in Shortcut box, you press Ctrl+1.  After setting shortcut key, click on Hidden Attributes to hide the file. 
Now you can check your mail, just press your shortcut key. Your mail automatically opens, if internet connection is available.


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