How can rescue our PC from attack virus through Online

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We always browse so many website but all of these are not always secured.  We have to face in danger to attack our PC with so many viruses, spyware, privacy lost etc. We can rescue from these surprising attack by following ten (10) tips. Which are-
1.       Do not to open unknown mail attached with image, text file, multimedia file or so on.
2.       Do not install unverified or unauthorized software.
3.       Always enable security tool or firewall.
4.       Do not open HTML, Php, Java, or any programming file.

5.       Be aware to transforming password, secret code or personal information through browser, messenger or any chatting software.
6.       Avoid browsing or illegal site.
7.       Avoid browsing pornography site.
8.       Avoid register all unknown site.
9.       Do not connect online connection through unknown wireless connection.
10.   Be aware of chat or browse in gambling, hacking or data sharing site.


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