5 Simple Steps To Attract New Friends And Get Popular With Facebook Groups

Friday, April 3, 2009

Facebook Groups & Events are undoubtedly the most powerful networking tools that can be used for making new friends, enhancing friendships with your friends network, and getting popular easily. In another way, joining groups and creating or attending events may help to customise and improve on your plain Facebook profile by simply telling people that you don’t live a world by yourself. You interact, you play and you mix around with your friends in Facebook well.

To make new friends in Facebook works very similar like our real life. You know them either through friend’ s introduction or some form of common interests. Cos there is absolutely no way for a person to approach another by just saying “Hello, may I know you?” or “Hey, you look kinda familiar”. You think he/she will buy these? More timid people will get scared and run away. So my article today is to explain to you how can you make full use of Facebook Group & Events to make friends, gather friends with similar interest, or even get popular in Facebook “the most effective and natural way”.

Explore The Power Of Facebook Groups

1. Spot the most interesting hobby or topic you love and create a Facebook group for it. Remember to keep your group “Open For Invitation”.
2. Invite your friends whom you think they might be keen to join. Avoid commercial or business-like topics like “Make Money Online” as these would drive people away.
3. Once your friends join your group, your friends’ friends will be notified in their “News Feed” and if they find your group interesting, they may join in too since your group is opened to all for free.
4. Once they joined in, quickly add them as friend by sending them a friend request and attach a “Welcome” message. The chances that they will add you as friend will be higher this way. See the point?
Here’s how your friends network expand and when you become the group creator of a big group (eg. 10,000+ members), you get to receive tons of attention easily and your popularity will increase. It’s that simple. Believe it or not.
5. Do not just stop there, further enhance your popularity by sending regular group messages to them to let them aware of your existence and remember you better. Do not send them messages that are irrelevant to the group interest.

Source: everythingaboutfacebook.com


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